Antalya Rafting Ride Slides

Another reason good friends are great to hang on to!

Grab your friends or family, pile into the 4-person circular raft and hang on tight! Antalya Rafting Ride Slides sends you all plummeting down more than 500-feet over three stomach-dropping humps. At least you’ll all feel a lot closer by the time you reach the bottom!

Minimum Height 43"
Thrill Level  4 

Antalya's Top Destination for Family-Friendly Fun & Excitement

Whether you want to plummet down 10 stories into a splash of water, ease on down a lazy river, or stay dry and watch a 4-D movie, Antalya Aqualand is home to the most family attractions under the sun! Keep the family together and enjoy the many attractions in our group slides. If you have little adventurers, Antalya largest water slides park is the #1 location for fun things to do with kids in Turkish Riviera!

Thrill Rides

Twist, turn, and make a splash down the most thrilling water slides in the state of Antalya at Antalya Aqualand! Take a ride on Turkey's most thrilling water coaster, Black Coaster! This ride is over 1/4 mile long and is sure to send you on a spiraling adventure. For those who want a challenge, take a ride on the world's largest bowl ride, Time Warp! Sit in a 4-person raft and plunge down at hyper-speed through a wild spin through time and space!

Group Rides

If you're visiting with a group event, our 2-5 person raft rides are fun for all! Grab your group and take a trip down the Family Adventure or, for those with a need for speed, visit Black Coaster and race head-first down twisting tunnels and downward dips.

Kiddie & Gentle Rides

Antalya most crazy water slides park aqualand has plenty of Turkish Riviera attractions for kids. Whether you're drifting down Adventure River or splashing around one of the Kiddie Areas, Antalya biggest water park is pure family-fun. Bring the kids to Paradise Lagoon where they have a slides and rides specially designed for them! Be sure to check out our cabana rentals for extra shaded fun.

Dry Activities

The sun can be tiring, so take a break from the thrills and spills, and watch an eye-popping movie in the 4-D Dive-In Theater! Smell what's on the screen, feel the splash, and duck from flying objects, this 4-D theater is safe for the whole family! After taking in the show, head on down to Safari Adventure Mini Golf to unleash your inner golf pro!

Buy your Tickets Online

Plan ahead and buy your Antalya Turkey water theme park tickets and passes online today! You won't want to spend this summer anywhere else, but at Antalya top best water amusement park! Upgrade your pass and get (1) one combo meal every visit with the All Season Dining Pass