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Antalya is a capital city of many touristic festivals and events.
International Antalya Piano Festival: Organized in October. The festival, which includes concerts of world-famous pianists, is like a music festival. Various piano concerts are organized within the scope of the festival and free ethics are also available to the public.
    International Antalya Sand Festival: Organized in May. The festival, where sand sculptures of very large sizes are exhibited, has become one of the largest sand sculpture events in the world.

Beach Beer Festival

antalya beer festival Join Antalya Water Park Aqualand for the last splash of the season to celebrate all things Antalya. Sample some of the state's best craft beers, Beer & Beach Fest-inspired food, & live entertainment!

Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival: September 5 to September 28 is a full-length festival that has been held for 22 years. The Aspendos ancient theater has many events organized to keep the theater alive.

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Upcoming Events Festivals in Antalya Turkey

  Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival: Organized in October. It is the longest running film festival of our country. In 1950, the concerts and theaters at the Aspendos Theater formed the basis of the film festival. The general aim of the first festival, which was held in 1964, is to support the Turkish cinema sector financially and morally.     Manavgat Film Festival: Organized in October.

Traditional Kumluca Camel Wrestling Festival, organized jointly by Kumluca District Governorate, Kumluca Municipality and Deveciler Association, is held in January. About 100 camels from Antalya, Aydın, İzmir, Denizli and Muğla participated in the wrestling. Wrestling in Kumluca Karatepe Stadium, which started with prayer, was followed by a crowd of people.
Although the starting date of camel wrestling is not known, it has been thought to have been done since the times when caravanship and nomadism were widespread. The aim of the Flower Festival is to emphasize the positive role of flower in contemporary life and to ensure the formation of flower culture in society and the development of ornamental plants sector. Many local and foreign consumers are reached with the Flower Festival which is traditionally held in Antalya every year in May.
Within the scope of the festival, activities are carried out to promote the floriculture sector. It is aimed that these activities will contribute to both the ornamental plants sector and tourism by making the festival an international dimension. The studies for the effectiveness of the Festival, it is important not only in agriculture and in terms of the smiley face and to be the voice of a large section dealing with beyond production and trade of ornamental plants anywhere in Turkey to contribute to the economy.